Laser output couplers
Laser output couplers

Laser output couplers

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An Output Coupler is a partially transparent dielectric mirror used in a laser cavity. It has a primary function to transmit part of circulating intracavity optical power in order to generate a useful output of the laser. The most important property of an Output Coupler is a degree of transmission, which affects threshold power, laser efficiency, maximum output power, Q-switching instabilities etc. Output Couplers often have both surfaces flat, but are also available in spherical (concave or convex) configurations. Of course the back-side of an Output coupler is coated with high efficiency anti-reflective coating.

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Flat, spherical or wedged configuration. Output Couplers are available in pretty much any kind of configuration: flat, plano/convex or plano/concave, meniscus, wedged etc.
Low absorption UV or IR grade fused silica. Bulk absorption plays critical role in a duty cycle of cavity optics. Substrates for Output Couplers are made of application-optimized low absorption fused silica.
Optimized for ultrafast applications. Ultrafast output couplers feature negligible GDD, both in reflection and transmission.
Optimized for high power applications. Output couplers, as intracavity components, have to handle extreme energy densities. That is why these coatings are optimized for high damage threshold, which exceeds 50 J/cm2, 1064 nm, 20 ns.
Back surface AR coated to eliminate ghosting. Back surface is anti-reflective coated, where residual reflectivity is lower than <0.05%. AR coating eliminates parasitic reflections from back surface.
Flat, spherical or wedged configuration.
Single wavelength or broadband design.
Reflectance from 10% up to 99.9% with +/-0.05% accuracy.
Optimization for ultrafast applications.
Diameter from 5mm up to 101.6mm.
Spectral range from 200nm to 6000nm.



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