Laser line mirrors
Laser line mirrors

Laser line mirrors

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Why would you use standard e-beam mirrors if you can get R>99.95% IBS mirrors for pretty much the same price? These cost effective IBS coated dielectric mirrors will do the job in all laser applications where low loss of light at discrete wavelength and angle is critical. Compared to other coatings, like e-beam or ion-assisted deposition, IBS coated mirrors are more dense and durable and also offer lower scatter and absorption losses. To prevent from thermal and absorption effects Laser Line Mirrors are coated on high purity fused silica substrates.

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Reflectance Rs>99.95% and Rp>99.9%
Optimized for high laser induced damage threshold.Mirrors are optimized for for high power pulsed and CW lasers. 80 J/cm2, 1064 nm, 10 ns, S-on-1 is not a limit.
Low absorption and scatter loss.
Laser line mirrors are optimized for perfect performance at specific wavelength like 1064 nm, 1030 nm, 532 nm, 355 nm and etc.
Enhanced duty cycle.Due to reduced number of bulk and surface defects mirrors are resistant to fatigue effect.
High purity fused silica substrates.For excellent thermal and temporal stability we use high purity fused silica substrates.
Spectral range from 200nm to 6000nm.
Size range from 5mm to 100mm.
Optimization for ultrafast applications.
Multi-wavelength design and broadband configuration.
Optimization for specific AOI or AOI cone.
Custom shape, curvature and size.



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